Sports Society Structure:

Sports Society 

Sports are the mandatory part of student life. Taking its importance into consideration. Gomal Medical College has its own sports society which conduct sports activities and games through out the year. The sports society also owns a state of the art Gymnasium at campus. The aim of this society is to keep students healthy, fresh and fit both physically and mentally.

Sports Society has following structure and is composed of:

  •  Dr. Shakeel Shah                  Chairman
  •  Mr. Qaiser Nadeem             Director Physical Education
  •  Shahzil Saeed Khattak        Sports Secretary (Male)
  • Aliya Akhtar                           Sports Secretary (Female)

Sports Representatives:

  • Yasir Khan (Final Year)
  • Shanza Nayyab (Final Year)
  • Kamal Hussain (Fourth Year)
  • Sabawun (Fourth Year)
  • Aaqib Mohmand (Third year)
  • Nayyab (Third Year)
  • Tariq Shah (Second year)
  • Naheeda Farooq (Second Year)
  • Hervinder Singh(First Year)
  • Ifra (First Year)

Sports Organizers:

  • Masil Khan (Final Year)
  • Aqsa Riaz (Final Year)
  • Naheed Ullah (Final Year)
  • Gul Meena (Final Year)
  • Khalid Shah (Fourth Year)
  • Aaliya Khattak (Fourth Year)
  • Hizb Ullah (Fourth Year)
  • Ifra (Fourth year)
  • Muneeb Khan (Third year)
  • Fatima Batool (Third year)
  • Muhammad Khalid (Third Year)
  • Arooba (Third Year)
  • Osama Mehsud (Second Year)
  • Samreen Alam (Second Year)
  • Shad Khan (Second Year)
  • Soniya Ghafoor (Second Year)
  • Shayyan (First Year)
  • Ghina (First Year)
  • Saud Shah (First Year)
  • Saman (First year)