To enhance students academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are necessary. College has a well established literary society which organize fun and knowledgeable healthy activities throughout the year to boost up students enthusiasm for learning and to let them gain confidence and skills. In addition to make efforts for student’s bright future, its also necessary that an institute should look after their mental health and well being.



  • Sumraiz                   (Fourth Year)
  • Arslan                      (Fourth Year)
  • Abdul Ghafar          (Fourth Year)
  • Ali                             (Fourth Year)
  • Aqib Faizan             (Third Year)
  • Younis                      (Third Year)
  • Shakeel Ahmad       (Third Year)
  • Sajid Hanif               (Second Year)
  • Usama Tabriz          (Second Year)
  • Kifayat                      (Second Year)
  • Naseeb Ullah           (Second Year)
  • Mubasar Hayat        (First Year)
  • Muhammad Sajad   (First Year)
  • Amar Ali                    (First Year)


  • Sana Shakeel              (Fourth Year)
  • Salwa                          (Fourth Year)
  • Iqra                             (Fourth Year)
  • Nimra                         (Fourth Year)
  • Namra Sohail             (Third Year)
  • Rushna                       (Third Year)
  • Arooba                       (Third Year)
  • Humna Nisar             (Second Year)
  • Minhal Zahid             (Second Year)
  • Kahfelwara                (Second Year)
  • Gulmeena                 (First Year)
  • Muqadas Eman        (First Year)
  • Saman Fida              (First Year)