Gomal Medical College Library was established in 1998 with the establishment of the college and it is a modern facility for faculty, students and staff to support their information needs. Our library has been conceived and developed as a multifaceted learning center, dedicated to serve the multifaceted agenda of the college as being operated by its students and faculty. To serve this purpose our library has access to a large variety of learning resources such as books, journals and Internet. We have above 7920 medical books for students as well as for staff members also with a reasonable increase in every financial year.The staff of library is high qualified and have good manners to every reader. Also encourage the readers for best use of library. The library is open on all working days . The library has following sections:

Study Room Section

The library has two study rooms, one for male and one for female students and staff.

Journal Section

The library has one journal section. This section has various medical Journals for research purpose and provides reading facility.

Issue / Return Section

The library has two issue / Return sections which are used for issue/return of books for students and staff members.