The Department of medical education (DME) is the integral prerequisite for the recognition of every medical college as outlined by KMU, PM&DC & WFME. DME in GMC has been functional since 2016 under the supervision of Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan Prof. & HOD, DME with kind support of faculty. One of the important challenges for the new faculty was to develop and implement the modular system of medical education and training rather than conventional discipline based system. DME is making up the educational needs by developing a critical mass of faculty members trained in changed curriculum and teaching/ and assessment practices along with setting up a quality bank of MCQs & SAQs.

The curriculum of 1st and 2nd year has been converted into new modular system. We look forward to converting 3rd year to final year course into modules. Small group discussions (SGDs), Directed self-learning sessions, and self-directed learning along with other tutorials have been introduced. PRIME module (Professionalism and Patient safety, Research, Identity formation, Management and leadership and Ethics) and Research will cover all 5 years longitudinally. The timetables, study guide and learning objectives of modules are available on college website.

Curriculum Committee consisting of trained faculty members meets regularly to ingenuously develop an integrated modular curriculum. The list of members, attendances and notifications of the meetings are available for record. A formal mentorship program with the students involving faculty members has been started on monthly basis. Student assessment (written and practical) using scenario based, MCQs at the end of each module is done. Regular faculty and learning environment evaluation has been started using surveys and focus group interviews of students.


The vision of DME is to provide leadership, innovation &excellence in education, teaching & training, research, health care & community services.


  • To improve medical practice and research skills of students & doctors
  • To improve the teaching & administrative skills of the faculty
  • To develop, implement & evaluate the curriculum
  • To help the students and faculty in mentorship skills
  • To promote 3 Cs of cooperation, coordination & collaboration with other academic bodies.

Facility LIST

S. No Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan Professor &HOD

/ Director Medical Education

PhD (Management studies), Mphil, MCPS, MPH, MBBS
2 Dr. Nargis Noman AAssociate Prof.&

Coordinator CHPE Program

3 Dr. Muhammad. Associate Prof.&Controller time table/ clerkship schedule undergraduate FPPS, MBBS
4 ADr. Sara Arif Associate Prof. & Coordinator curriculum committee MBBS
5 Dr.Muiz Hassan Demonstrator MBBS

Faculty development program

S.No Name of Activity Duration Target Resource person
1 CME-1 workshop on Epidemiology 2 days27,28-3-2015 Basic & Clinical faculty Prof. Dr.Iftikhar & Associate Prof. Dr.SaminaQadir
2 CME-2 workshop on Biostatistics 2 days10,11-4-2015 Basic & Clinical faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad
3 CME-3 workshop on Research methodology 2 days17,18-4-2015 Basic & Clinical faculty Prof. Dr.Iftikhar& Associate Prof. Dr.Nargis Noman
4 CME-4 workshop on SPSS 2 days24,25-4-2015 Basic & Clinical faculty Prof. Dr.Iftikhar& Associate Prof. Dr.Muhammad
6 8 workshops by GJMS 2 hours every Wednesday2018-19 Basic & Clinical faculty Associate Prof. Dr. Muhammad
7 4 workshops on the pattern of CHPE first session 2 hours every Tuesday2020 Basic & Clinical faculty Assoc. Prof. DrSaima Bashir
8 Weekly workshops on Research methodology 2 hours every Friday2020 Demonstrators Professor Dr. Hussain